About Us

Since its inception in 2014, CoD Stats has provided Call of Duty esports statistics and analysis to fans, casters, and teams. Our goal has always been to bring the most in-depth stats and analytical work to create the one-stop-shop for every competitive Call of Duty fan while also advancing the way information can be used strategically by players and teams.

With the revamp of our website, codstats.gg, we look to focus on creating even more advanced stats to provide more context, better determine individual player impact and strategic analysis. We will also be preparing content to be published on the new and improved website, focusing on player and team stats through our analytics, that will spark interesting discussions and debates for the Call of Duty esports community to enjoy.

This season we look forward to pushing statistics in a new direction and new heights for Call of Duty and for esports as a whole.

JP Krez
Doug Liebe
Stephen G. Friend