By Doug Liebe on 2018-12-13

The Problem With Overall Stats

We introduced a feature that allowed people to contact us, mostly me, day or night to recommend any features they would like to see on Do you know what people asked for? Overall KD Leaderboards. By far, this was the most requested feature, and I don’t get it. Sure, it shows the total kills and the total deaths a player had in the event, technically summing up his performance most broadly. But players don’t get the same number of kills in every mode. Respawn players will have better overall KD's, plain and simple.

We’re here today to give the people what they want, as well as propose an alternative: adjusted Overall KD.

Adjusted Overall KD (aKD)

I think the nicest thing about an overall KD is the fact that you sum up a player’s performance with one value. “Dashy dropped a 1.44 at Vegas” sounds a lot better than “Dashy dropped a 1.37 in Respawn and a 2.17 in SND.” But as I mentioned above: there is one huge issue with overall kd’s, which you can see in the example with Dashy. The overall will be much closer to the Respawn KD because you get a lot more kills in respawn (Dashy got 78 kills in SND and 519 in Respawn).

Kills in hardpoint equivalents

We want to first determine how many less kills a player gets in SND and Control compared to hardpoint. To do this, we just look at each player’s kill percentage by mode:

The Proportion of Kills by Game Mode

Obviously, SND is a much lower proportion of the average player’s total kills, as can be seen in the graph. Let’s look at the average proportion of kills in each mode and also the multiplier needed to equate to kills in the highest-kill mode (HP):

Mode Average Kill Proportion Multiplier
HP 47.5% 1.0 x
Control 38.9% 1.23 x
SND 13.6% 3.63 x

So every SND kill needs to be multiplied by 3.63 to put it on the same scale as the hardpoint kills. Similarly, Control kills need a slight 1.23-times boost to get on that scale. Once all kills are in terms of “Hardpoint equivalent kills” we can find an Overall KD that equally weights kills in all three modes.


Let’s do one example to help us see the difference. Our MVP from CWL Vegas, Dashy will do just fine.

Dashy Overall Stats

So a person who gets 78 kills in SND, how many kills in Hardpoint would that be equivalent to? That’s our first question, because we know averaging 8.6 kills per game in SND is impressive, but the same 8.6 kills is not in hardpoint. By using the above multiplier we have:

Hardpoint Adjusted Kills = SND kills x Multiplier = 78 x 3.63 = 283.14

This means that a player who drops 78 kills in SND would drop 283 kills in the same number of games, if the mode were hardpoint. Notice: the KD for a single mode stays the same because we would also multiply the deaths by the multiplier.

Hardpoint Adjusted Stats

Despite the fact that the individual KD’s stay the same, the Overall KD we get now will be much more representative of the player’s overall performance.

Adjusted Dashy Overall KD

WOW. From a 1.44 to a 1.56 event KD when we give Dashy the credit he deserved for the severely underweighted SND kills. I think this method, or an iteration of it, needs to be the norm if we are going to continue summing up players’ events with a single number

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